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Youngest Doe Breeding Age?

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Beginer question - what's the youngest age you breed your does? Not brindle or red type does, just 'normal' ones.

I wanted to put my does to one of my bucks before he goes to a new home in a week or so, but they're still quite young. I don't want to go ahead if they're really not going to be big enough. I looked for the answer all over, but its eluding me XD.
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I prefer to wait till my does are at least 12 weeks.........though I have bred them younger (over 8 weeks), and know others who have, without problems. If you REALLY need babies from them (and they're over 8 weeks) then go ahead and do it....but if you have another buck you can breed to later, it will be in the doe's best interest to wait. I wouldn't intentionally breed under 8 weeks.
They're eight weeks on Tues, and the buck goes on Thurs. Hrm. I don't have another who carries blue and satin, and no room for another buck :(. I won't put their health at risk though.
10 to 12 weeks is best depending on size, but there is no definate answer. If you think your girls 'look' big enough and strong enough to bare a litter then go for it. But make sure that get there every dietary need met. :D
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