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Yay! Babies!

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I am very pleased to welcome these lot to you! This is the first time I have bred dove and blue!!

left to right- 2 doves, 1 blue, 4 blacks
The blue looks smaller than it is in this pic :)

I'm so happy with this bunch!
The mother (black self), was pregnant at the same time as another black doe, but sadly the heat killed her ): I was expecting blues from her :/
Heat waves in the middle of the day when everyone's out =BAD!

Will keep you updated with pictures :)

(so happy!!)
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Aww! They look so cute spread out on your hand like that! :D
I knoowww! can't wait till I get my new Dove buck to produce more cuteypies!
1 - 6 of 6 Posts
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