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Wrinkleskin Pup?

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I'm new to breeding for coat type varieties but I have recently acquired a few perfect show type dove rexes (the pink eyed diluted black kind). I've bred them together, the babies are about 6 days old and I'm noticing some differencing with their skin. I see from the whiskers that many are rex and some are standard but then I have a large doe that has different skin. She is very wrinkly like a Sharpae puppy, her whiskers are kinky too I think. Is this hairless or some other variety popping up or is she just going to get fat and fill all the winkles out? I will take pictures in a couple days.
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Wow, totally unexpected but adorable! Does this happen often when breeding rexes together or is it a recessive hidden in the line perhaps?
Here she is shown along side her dove sister.
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Wow, she does look like a Sharpae! Ooo, me want wah! Lucky you :)
I have two more PEW fuzzy does that were born in a sibling litter 4 days behind these ones. I think I might try to breed for fuzzy since they have really nice type already and are PEW...that means once I have a pair I can concentrate mainly on the coat and improve size and not worry about color.
omg...i sooooooooooo want one....i am loving the fuzzies....totally.....
calling for anyone in australia who has fuzzies .... i want one .... :D :D :D
Some new pictures of Snowbelle for all her admirers. :D

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you are making me soooooooooooo jealous .... :mrgreen:
she is just gorgeous....
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