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Wow! What a pregnant belly! Babies has arrived!

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Wow Zita is just about to burst :shock: :lol:

Her before-pregnancy-weight was 41 grams and today it's 79 grams, so she almost doubled her weight - i'm thinking huuuuuuge litter arriving very soon (she's 20 days pregnant)
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Forgot to mention the daddy to be - he's my big dove tan Santos, his weight is 58 gram and he's such a sweetie :love1

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Babiiiiiiies :mrgreen: :mrgreen:

She had 13 babies this night, now she's being spoiled with some dried mealworms and cat kibble ;)
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The Boggit keeper said:
Awwwww! Congrats! :D
Thanks. I was a little concerned about the number of babies with that belly, but thank god she didn't deliver 20 pups :lol:
Artuntaure said:
13's still alot :) mum got a nanny to help?
No, i usually have 2 moms having babies at the same time to help each other with the babies, but not this time as i sold her friend a few weeks ago.
The little fatties are getting some pigmentation now :D

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Thanks Moustress :D I think they are cute too :love
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