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Wooo! My New Girlies!

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I already have two boars, now I have two sows, thats it for me for this year! hehe

Anyways... picked up my two new girlies today!! Introductions:

Harliquin (Harli for short), GORGEOUS Golden Agouti Roan Tricolour! 4 months old and already HUGE! (And a little chubby, but I will work on that)
She is a sweetheart, is very comfortable being held so I think she will be my 'lounging infront of the telly' pig! hehe

Annndd... Tribble!! Pink Eyed Golden Roan(I believe) Teddy girl. 7 weeks old so a bit skittish, but sits nicely when held. I had no intention of getting a purebred if i'm honest, but I saw her and fell in LOVE! hehe
This is the first time I have seen and held a Teddy in my life, so I have no idea is she is to standard... but I like her ears and her head, and her coat is very dense, can barely see down to the skin, and it feels very 'springy' hehe I love her teletubbie bum! :lol!:

K xx
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I love the tricolor. The curly is interesting...are the ears supposed to be so red?
Her veins were up cos her head was hidden under my armpit for 10 minutes before i convinced her to explore LOL

Thats why she got the name Tribble... with just her big bum sticking out from under my arm, she definately looked like one!

W xx
WillowDragon said:
Thats why she got the name Tribble... with just her big bum sticking out from under my arm, she definately looked like one!
:lol: :lol:

They're both beautiful.
That only makes sense, as you as such a warm and lovely personality, Willow.

Sweet Talker
You're probably pretty too :roll:.

...or is it handsome.... oh NVM.
I LOVE the colouring on your first fellow. so cool looking :)
I just rescued/adopted 2 piggies last week. Oscar is a year old and Johnny is only 4 weeks. They have been getting spoiled rotten. Every morning they get timothy hay, alfalfa pellets, and a salad with romaine lettuce, tomatoes, cucumbers, carrots (they love the carrots) and sometimes green peppers, and oranges. I was told that they need a lot of vitamin C. I put a fleece blanket in their cage and it's so sweet to hear them cuddling up to it and talking piggie baby talk. If you didn't give the baby a fleece blanket yet you should try's so sweet.
Still loving your piggies, W. Saw a new post, and hoped to see new pix.
ooooo lovely, am hoping to get some girly piggies early next year :)
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