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Woohoo! Our Dog Gavi is a Champion as of Today!!!!

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We are so proud of our girl! She is a Spinone Italiano and has been shown with the AKC...she is now CH KaLa's Frizzante Bianco Vino CGC :D

This photo was taken March 5th in MD...I don't have any photos from today!

Bel Alton MD Show by CSBeck, on Flickr

Here are a couple short videos of her in the ring today :)
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Congratulations! That's a lovely shaggy doggie! She looks like a giant terrier.
Pretty dog. Did you have a handler show her? Are you planning on breeding her? How do you groom them? Do you have issues with their ears? I mean, I'm sure that you maintain them to try to keep them free from yeast/bacterial infections, but still - long, floppy ears tend to get infected often in some breeds.

LOL sorry for all of the questions, but mice aside, dogs are my passion. I've got an affinity for sporting breeds. :) You can PM me if you'd rather.
lol! No worries :) Today she was handled, my husband has handled her himself as well though, and will be handling her as we work towards her grand championship (now that the pressure is :) We may breed her...hubby wants to, but we still need to do all of her health testing and she'll only just be 2 on June 4th. She's very easy to groom...I basically just strip and shape her face with the stripping tools. A little bit with thinning shears around the feet and fan/brows. She has had a long term ear infection, but it is resolved now...we believe she has chicken allergies that made it really bad. Now that the infection is finally gone we don't do much with her ears besides occasionally plucking the hair and cleaning them out....only about once a month really...if that. I think the biggest issue with ear infections is at least as much diet related as anything else with most dogs.

We absolutely love her, and the breed in general...they are really fabulous dogs! Sweet, friendly, playful, goofy, and full of fun! :) ....and nowhere near as "psychotic" as german If you (or anyone else for that is interested in the breed and learning more about them, my husband and I have just started a forum about them called SpinoneLovers :)
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WANT :love1 :love1 She is Gorgeous :comeheryou
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