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Wire Mesh

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I normally get my wire mesh (5mm) for mouse boxes from a garden centre called Moss end. a few weeks back I went there needing more and they said they wouldn't get more in before February!! I then went to all the places that I thought would have them like Wicks, B&Q, Homebase, Wyvale, Longacres etcetc, and none of them had any!!

Do any of you know where I could get some? Or an online site? I just had a look around on the interwebs and I couldn't find anywhere ): I really need some quite desperately...
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Also, what gauge would 5m holes be??
wickes and b&q depot Leicester stock the smallest 1/4 " x1/4" mesh,seems strange that you can't get it.You can buy it from farm shops to.You can buy it on line if you are desperate. ... 27b3b3ca9f
Fantastic thank you! Seriously, everywhere we try are either saying they'll get some in the new year or they just give you a blank look and say they've never had it in >.<'' So annoying, when I didn't need it they had it everywhere!
type in 1/4" x 1/4" mesh and it comes up with loads of results i think its about 6mm x 6mm they have it on the wickes website hope this helps!
I don't know where I would be without wire mesh! :p
I can get 5x5 mm its the ideal size mesh for mice.
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