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Will Whiskers Grow Back?

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I recently discovered that one of my does had been barbering/cutting off the whiskers of her 3 cage mates. I've removed this offending mouse to her own charters now so she couldn't do this to anyone else. Are the 3 victims going to forever be without their prized whiskers now or do they ever grow back? I feel bad for them because they seem to have trouble seeing and are more hyper now then they used to be :cry:
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Great News! Thank you so much!
I agree Morena. It was easy to spot the offender because she was the only one with her whiskers left. She's not a very nice mouse and wants to bite me when I take her out of the cage so I wouldn't want to make more of her ;) I have also heard that the behavior can be learned as well as genetic but so far none of the other does are like her. The whiskers are growing back nicely and they seem happier with the barber not around.
1 - 3 of 6 Posts
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