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Why can't I see my poetry threads?

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I get a message saying I'm not authorized. what's up with that? And my Baja Manitoba Free Press too....grrrr.....
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I can't see them either.Will look in to it.
It's the whole General chat Section that I can't see....
Yes, moustress, it's not you, it's the entire General Chat section that we all can't see.
Admin are on the case. Thanks for bringing it to attention

Yes, thankfully. :)

What's weird is that I had decided to copy out all of my poetry threads into my Word files, thinking that it would be a shame to lose the format of the different volumes I've put up. I was so glad to have access restored.
I have forum backups so don't worry about losing data. I'm guessing youngster messed with the forum permissions.
I'm ba-ack!! Who admins now?
1 - 8 of 8 Posts