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Who wants to see my beaver? (Now with more beaver)

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There's just no 'easy' way to put it. :roll:
The woman in the second photo is my mom.
My wildlife rehabber friend let me 'borrow' her beaver earlier today when I went to get her to check out one of my mice, who has some sort of strange tumor.

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Reading the subject gave me the giggles. lol

Very cute beaver. hehe
Very cute! Is he an eager beaver? lol, have to get all the puns out of the way...
It's a she-beaver. :D

She makes the cutest little noises. Like a new born puppy. Ruuuuh ruh ruh ruhhhh, and Ehhh eh eh. :3
Unbelieveably cute Beaver!!

What's the matter with her?
Is she going to be a pet now or released back to the wild?
She was abandoned. The person who picked her up thinks the mother was hit by a car. This little baby was wondering around on the side of the road alone. She's only a week or two old. ):

I got to feed her out of a bottle, it was adorable.
After she is weaned, she is going to be a 'semi-pet'on a farm. The man that owns the farm is going to finish raising her up, and hopes that she'll stay pretty friendly, but will live on a pond on his property. :)
Oh also, positive note: The mouse's 'tumor' ended up being a cyst, I thought it was. :roll:
So I'm treating him for it, and he looks like he's going to make a great recovery!
Aren't all beavers female? Oh, wait a minute...

That woman does not look old enough to be your mom! :p

Very cute beaver, btw!
...errr..glad others took care of the obvious jokes and off color comments....

Yes, so ooglie it's cute. Very nifty indeed!
Cute! I love baby animals
I have a raccoon
(I have a degree in wildlife conservation and sometimes rehab)
1 - 11 of 11 Posts
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