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I hope I dont come off sounding stupid, but I am still very new to genetics.
I can find bucks in any color I want,but can hardly find any does in the colors I want.
I would like to avoid plain agouti and black as much as possbile
I would like to focus on brindle & chocolates,but am open to just about anything
I will inbred/line breed asneeded

5-Ghost- not sure on coloring yet

1-Foxy-Recessive Yellow(with pink eyes) (may be bred to CarMax currently,she didnt take the 1st time with him, so tried again)
2-Patches-broken black
3-Flash-broken black
4-Spot-broken black

So who should I breed to who?

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Well if your working towards chocolates then you could breed any of your blacks to your chocolate buck. I don't know if your does are homozygous or heterozygous but if they are homozygous you will have to breed some does back to the chocolate buck before you get any chocolates if they are heterozygous then you will get some chocolates in the first breeding. I think the argent X ry cross was an ok choice and I think breeding the RY to any of the brindle would prove good breedings.
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