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Which is best for feeders?

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I have on occasion has to cull the odd baby that wouldn't make it or that wasn't healthy, at the pink stage. For this I just freeze them, and it literally seems to take a few minutes and they're frozen solid.

The mice which have to be culled, are then kept and fed when needed to our young corn snake.

I have a larger snake, which would take larger mice but wondered what is the best method for culling larger mice as in 1 week + in age, so that there would be no harmful effects on the snake which eats them at a later date? also, it must be a very humane way of doing this, as it pains me when i have to cull even just the smallest baby.
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CO2 works well for me! The mice just drop off, all sleepy-like.

Have a look at this thread:

Sarah xxx
Thanks Sarah. If i have to cull a mouse, i like to ensure it's not a life wasted, hence they are fed to the snake(s). Snake has to eat, and if culling is the only way for a particular mouse, i want it to be as humane as possible :) xx
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