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where to store my photos??

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hi i had all my photos of my mice in my account with photobucket but now my comp is blocking it
because its a active threat.and now i cant get any pics on the forum. how do u guys store your pics and get them on here??xx
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Sometimes I find it easier to upload the photos as attachments which is an option to browse your computer for the photo when you're composing your post, it makes people click to view but I don't mind. I use photobucket, not sure what's up with your browser that could be blocking your access, perhaps you might want to check the settings.
I noticed your html links to your mice on another post here. I see an IMG tag in the formating area of this message composition window so let me see if this works...

I'm wrapping the link in the IMG tag below to find out:
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Code:[email protected]/5084738786
oh well, im a web programmer so eventually i will figure this out, lol.
That would explain it. My first attempt was correct then but when the image didn't display I assumed it was something else. Thanks Dom!
1 - 6 of 9 Posts
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