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where to start?

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I am a long time pet mouse keeper though not breeder (yet). I have bred and exhibited other pets successfully over the years, but would like to have some show type they are so gorgeous, with a view to exhibiting them at some point. I have a big empty, insulated shed with power and lighting, and no mice to put in it at the mo!

I adore the BE creams, himi's, siamese, lilacs, blues, brokens and rumpwhites. And also the stunning Astrex. I love the big earred, chunky show types and would very much like a couple of trio's to begin with and see how things go.

I hope to hear your ideas, advice/suggestions with where to start!

I have recently bought 3 young siamese girls (pet quality) from a friend, who has been hobby breeding this line for years. So no known health problems. I would like to have a buck to use with them, but what colour would be best, and who should I ask.

I live in North London, not far from the shows at Enfield.
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Hi there

That is really helpful.

I will keep my girls as the pretty pets they are then, and I think (and from what I have read/you have said) that perhaps the BE creams would be a could place to start with show mice then.

I will join the NMC in the first instance. It would be ok to wait until September at Enfield, but I would quite like to have my show mice before then if possible.

Do the NMC put members in touch with breeders? Or can you recommend a breeder of BE Creams that I could get some advice from?

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Hi Sarah Y

I have been looking on the NMC website, so will send off the membership form.

It sounds like other members are very generous to newbies. I certainly have an interest in exhibiting. Having done so previously with other animals. I cant promise how gung-ho I will be though. I certainly want to get the set up right and will follow the advice/aquire the right stock for exhibiting as a starting point, and then see how it all goes. (Just slightly worried breeders will have high expectations of me!). The good news is I am only about 10 mins from the Enfield Shows! So it would be feasible to commit to those as a starting point.

I havent read that thread yet but off to have a look and a search of the site for more info. How exciting!
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