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where to start?

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I am a long time pet mouse keeper though not breeder (yet). I have bred and exhibited other pets successfully over the years, but would like to have some show type they are so gorgeous, with a view to exhibiting them at some point. I have a big empty, insulated shed with power and lighting, and no mice to put in it at the mo!

I adore the BE creams, himi's, siamese, lilacs, blues, brokens and rumpwhites. And also the stunning Astrex. I love the big earred, chunky show types and would very much like a couple of trio's to begin with and see how things go.

I hope to hear your ideas, advice/suggestions with where to start!

I have recently bought 3 young siamese girls (pet quality) from a friend, who has been hobby breeding this line for years. So no known health problems. I would like to have a buck to use with them, but what colour would be best, and who should I ask.

I live in North London, not far from the shows at Enfield.
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Hello Sylviemouse, it's great to meet someone interested in exhibiting mice :D

Have you read this post:

Most NMC members are extremely generous with stock indeed and they want to give mice to other NMC members who are seriously interested in exhibiting them. They put a lot of work into their mice and most exhibitors have no interest in giving mice to people who won't do anything with them. When you join the NMC you'll get the current yearbook which contains contact details for everyone, and show results from the past year. For that reason I would suggest you join the NMC as soon as possible. You can find BE Cream breeders this way, then ring them up and ask for advice and stock ;)
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