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Started about half a week ago, has the touch of a dried leaf, seems to rarely itch, but she just feels different to me, plus she gives pitchy squeaks anytime she's cleaning herself, almost like I was humming, I'm can't be quite certain if that's just anxiety or a matter of actual serious physic pain since she's silent whenever I stay put and let her near, either way the most injured ear is growing into a huge scar probably about to fall off. I haven't took her to the vet, as I have an issue about strange hands all over my pet, plus I think they only treat cats and dogs, what medicine should I consider? A bitsy cleasing with hydrogen peroxide is all I've done so far, terrified she licks it that's why. Opinions please. Love, Teresa. (Doe, 🐁Princess Pavarotti.)
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Yes these pics' irrelevant, I'm just making our point once again that MOUSE must go with GORGEOUS! Leg Scar Creative arts Nail Human leg
Dress Gesture Petal Plant Human leg
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