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A few months ago a litter of mine had some weird white blobs on the ends of their hairs, no one seemed to know what it was and I could not get a picture to show what it looked like, well now I have managed to get a couple as my newest litters also have it! It only shows up on the dark ones but I assume the light ones also have it. Can not see anything on mum but she is a DT so the white blobs may not show any way. Also I can not seem to pull or pick any off.
I have checked for mites etc but nothing at all, so what could it be?
I tell you what they look like, they look like roots from our own hair, but they are at the ends of the mice's hair and only seem to be on the head or going down from the head to the shoulders.
It does disappear before they are ready to go to their new homes.

Here take a look.....

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