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Not quite sure who to put who with so just wanted a rough idea what I could get
from these breedings:
chocolate x pale fawn or cham (not sure)
chocolate x red
chocolate x cream
red/cinnamon x pale fawn/cham

my long list of confusion :lol:

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As you haven't listed any parents, these calculations are assuming the mice carry nothing other than what they are showing.

chocolate x champagne = 100% chocolate carrying P.E.D
chocolate x pale fawn = 50% red and 50% black
chocolate x red = 50% red and 50% black
chocolate x cream = 100% black
red x fawn = 66.6% red, 33.3% black (this would be a small litter as double red babies die in the womb and are reabsorbed, but it is absolutely not dangerous)
cinnamon x pale fawn = 50% red and either 25% agouti, 25% black or 50% agouti
cinnamon x champagne = either 100% cinnamon or 50% cinnamon, 50% chocolate
red x champagne = 50% red, 50% black

Sarah xxx
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