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What outcomes?

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Can someone tell me the possible outcomes of:

fuzzy, satin banded (black/white) x long haired self chocolate. By fuzzy I mean short fuzzy coat and whiskers not bald fuzzy.

marked black and white satin (mostly white) x PEW satin.

Thanks in advance.
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Wow. That's not too complicated. Use a Punnett square. My arthritic hands don't want to do it. A lot depends on what the parents carry. And whether or not the marked b& w has dilution like albino in the c locus.

Learn the basics and do the squares; it's less complicated than programming a cell phone. Just list the genes you can see in your meeces, and guess at the ones you don't see or leave them with little stars (*) in place for the unknowns. It's a lot of fiddly-diddly work, that's all.
I know snake genetics and lizards very well but I dont know what is dominant recessive or co dominant in mice to have any idea, I dont usually need the punnet squares. The post on here with random letters confuses the hell outta me haha
Scan these sites for info:

PetRodents is my 'home' rodent forum that has been largel inactive for the last three years, and has a simple explanation on teh subject. The other one by Finnmouse has an encyclopedic amount in info. It's The 'Bible' for Breeding Mousies
1 - 5 of 5 Posts
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