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What I have VS what I want.

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Right then, the Goal for me, is to end up with a Manx with Pink eyes White Coat and with Rex appearance... (On a side note, the manx doe that just gave birth to a PEW father, they all had tails meaning manx is 100% recessive, about 40% have pink/red eyes the rest are black like the mum)

So this is what I had in mind...

1 Female Manx, Black Eyes.

Cross 1 Female Manx with PEW (done) Now I have a litter of Tails but I have the pink eyes which carry the recessive gene of manx, now, If I bred say a sister with a sister, could I possibly end up with a Manx PEW?
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If you can figure out how to breed two female mice together for a litter, you're ahead of the rest of us. :lol:

That said, all those babies are carrying PEW and manx, so if you bred brother to sister, you'd get a quarter manx non-pew, a quarter non-manx pew, a quarter non-manx non-pew, and a quarter manx pew. Om nom punnet squares.
Yes, sister with sister, lol yeah no not yet, not seen a kit to do that on ebay yet :p ... but to make things a lot easier, the 2 manx females i bought one was pregnant and most of them turned out to be manx...

So maybe 1 from her litter with a pink eye to get at least pink eyes/manx.... this sounds a lot harder than i first thought...
cjdelphi said:
.... this sounds a lot harder than i first thought...
Welcome to the club. LOL

I'm running into the same issues. Thankfully hubby hasn't gotten upset with my mousie zoo...yet...
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