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I found out that pictures too close to the subject are blurry. Found out when I tried to take pictures of a comic book... long story. So I try to be a little less than an arm's distance from the mice, and put them in something where they can't run away, like Jack said. Use the brightest light you can find, but turn off the flash on your camera, as it can diliute the colors (in my experience). Also, my first pictures were all of possessed mice :evil: (blurred heads, two tails, ghostly reflections) until I found a setting on my camera that takes a whole bunch of shots really fast, like a professional camera. But bright light helps a lot. Then I use a photo editing program (Adobe Photoshop CS for me :cool: ) and I crop the picture just to the mice, and resize the longest side of the picture to about 400-600 pixles. That seems to work out pretty well for me, in mice picture taking.
1 - 1 of 15 Posts
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