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as so many people are now taking up FMB's subscription which includes some webspace i might as well offer my services, not for free, but cheap! because i like you all :)

anyway as some of you know i do a bit of web design, this is not actually my occupation (it's more to do with technical documents and processing code), but I am proficient in many scripts and languages that are useful for web design.

So i can offer to install RazorCMS (a flat file open source content management system) ahhaaa but that's free and i can follow the instructions myself surely??

well yes of course you can, that's why i'm offering to customise your templates and themes; that means make your site look like you want it!

There may be limitations to that, but we can discuss that on an individual basis.

I can also add functionality to your site. (at a negotiable price)

ok so for installation and customisation work the charge is £15.

extras need to be discussed etc.

send me a PM and we'll see how it goes.

P.s my mousery website is a small example of what i can do for you, its built on RazorCMS and customised by myself.

for those that don't know a content management system provides a helpful and easier way to administer a web site with little little technical knowledge needed.
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