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I know we can list site links on a thread here, but i want to ask if anyone with a mouse site would like to have a link on my site can they pm me and maybe include a small banner image i could use.

the links page on my site is looking a little empty.

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I would love to be one of your links, but my attempts to make a website has failed numerous times ): How did you make yours?
I used RazorCMS and customized a template.

I can code in most web scripts and many computer languages so i have a head start. this site took me about 1hr to make.

obviously you need a host and have to dabble a bit. RazorCMS has a nice backend that allows owners to administer their site through a browser. Its just getting it set up etc. I seem to be doing more installations of CMS's (Content Management Systems) these days than actual coding. I mainly do customizations of current open source CMS systems.


have a go with RazorCMS, its free and very simple; lacks functionality, but i like adding my own the way i prefer it. but all in all a great little starter.
did you have to install anything?
installaon of a CMS is done on the web server.

I take it you have some web space? the FTP details for your space and the address of your home page?

its a case of transferring the setup files by FTP, then navigating to your domain on a web browser and running the installation files.

if this sounds too heavy for you, give me a shout i may be able to help if you are really wanting a website.

all of that.. just went right over my head O_O

*shouts at you* Yes I would really like a website :}
ty very much ^-^
Aww, micey people are always so nice (':
Im interested in adding more links to my page as well
If any of you have links on here and you would like a banner added to the adverts that run on the bottom of the forum just post your banner image up and ill add it.
awesome do they have to be a specific size?
how do u make a banner x
1 - 15 of 15 Posts
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