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We have babies!

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This morning Marcelle, our broken choc and white doe, successfully gave birth to a wriggly squeaky heap of pups! I cant see how many there are and dont want to disturb her too much, as this is her first litter and ours, but so far all is looking well

Theres a bit of blood on the tissue, but hopefully thats just from birthing. I can certainly see a lot of movement

Ill keep you updated:) She was mated with a dove tan
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I will do. Itll be tomorrow, Ive just had a banging headache today and theyre smaller than the others and impossibly squirmy. Whatever we get Ill be chuffed, theyre a gorgeous litter
We have a real problem this morning...

The babies are 11 days old now. This morning there was blood just outside the one of the babies is missing. Theres no sign of a body, I really think she was eaten. She was the smallest of the litter. I dont know if she died, or if its not too late for the mum to have thought shed get rid of the runt, but shes gone :( Im gutted. Im worried for the others now, I didnt think they were in danger of being eaten this late on...Is it more likely she just died, and they ate her after? Are the others likely in danger now?

Thanks for that. I have now sexed them all, we have 3 of each remaining. I know it can be done rom birth, I just havent had much practice on my own yet. Im sure about these now though. Mum looks healthy, active and seems to be coping, so I really hope she doesnt kill the litter, Id be completely gutted :( Well have to see though
Effy said:
Aw, which one was it which is gone?
The latest our rats ever decided to de-runt a litter was 14 days...which was a bit upsetting, as it was very late and the runt was actually my favourite of the litter! :lol:
It's harder when you've had time t get used to them, but just remember that she's doing what she thinks is best and that you still have 6 lovely babies. ^_^

What sex are the unknowns, then? Bucks? (Trying to guess, since you said the one which is gone was slightly smaller and that's had to tell from the pics.)
I really hope this was just a case of her de-runting as you say and the others will be safe. They all look well at the moment. Sorry to hear about your ratty runt:( Its gutting, isnt it?

The lost baby was one of the unknowns, the black and white, although I had managed to sex her before she went and she was a doe. The remaining unknown is a buck, leaving us with 3 of each. Im especially worried about the broken buck now as he is similar size as the baby we lost...
Yeah, youre right:( I just figured they were safe from the mum killing and eating them now, but obviously not, unless the baby died on its own first. So bit of a shock
Im just popping in very quickly (were moving house today and will be offline for a while from now) to let you know the remaining 6 pups are doing fine this morning...Very unfortunate we have to move though, although its only down the road so well make it as quick and stress free as possible for them all. Im leaing well alone for a few days, the nanny mouse has pushed up a load of bedding etc against the nest and obviously they want some peace. Hopefully by the time were back online well have 6 lively open-eyed babies all thriving. I really hope. Sorry to say if thats the case I think theyll all be keepers :lol:
Effy said:
I suppose them being unknowns was a bit of a sign in itself.
She was definitely a couple of days behind development be honest she hadnt much changed down there since only being a couple of days old, which is why I struggled, whereas the others were very obvious by the time she went. You can kind of see on this pic and the one further back how much pinker she was than the others, but you cant well too well how much smaller and slower she was
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Well, we had a few more hiccups along the way, but we finally have 6 healthy and very active 4 week olds :D
Here were 3 of them about a week ago :D This is Daisy, Jin and Pearl. Daisy (furthest left) is smaller than the others but is looking good
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Thanx :D Some are looking longhaired now, Ill have to take some more pics
Found another one taken last week...this is either Jin or Pearl, impossible to tell from the front end :D
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Thank you :love1 Everyone loves Daisy, shes a little star. I moved the boys out into their RUB bachelor pad today and they love it...I even found a little baby sized wheel in one of our tubs for them! Im really going to have to get my act together and be able to part with some of the babies in our next litter though :oops: :p
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