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We have babies!

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This morning Marcelle, our broken choc and white doe, successfully gave birth to a wriggly squeaky heap of pups! I cant see how many there are and dont want to disturb her too much, as this is her first litter and ours, but so far all is looking well

Theres a bit of blood on the tissue, but hopefully thats just from birthing. I can certainly see a lot of movement

Ill keep you updated:) She was mated with a dove tan
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Last pic until they get fur, I promise :lol: But you can now see their little patches :D (There are still was hiding)
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oooo I want a few of the moo babies :p

swap you for some of my satins in a couple of months :p
Depending on genders, you may be on! :p We already have 2 probably reserved much for keeping them all :lol: No really we definitely want to keep most, so Ill let you know :D
Well, they have fuzz! That counts as fur...completely :oops: :lol:

Anyway just wanted to show a little moo
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I want the little moo :(
Hehe Marnie If you really do want the moo s/he may be available depending. Ill post up fur pics asap so you can have a proper look. It now looks like we have 5 broken and 2 dove by the looks of the fuzz. I reckon well have a crack at telling girls from boys tonight

Theyre so sweet :love
Now looking a bit chocolatey! (Well, kind of!)

A different moo

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Moo Moo Babies :(

Yummy looking chocolate mice you got there :p
Aww, Loving the pale faced ones :love1
Hehe thanx :D

Its strange, in some lights they look more dove, but on that pic theyre definitely chocolate looking (although it is very dark in there) I think theyre just something inbetween :lol: (They obviously have black eyes though, so no dad clones)

Well I spent ages looking at sexing pics before they were born, and I was confident itd be no problem...There are some Im definitely sure about, like the moo in the middle of the top pic is definitely a doe, and the grey with a white dash on his back is definitely a buck (absolutely no doubt about those) But there are some sitting inbetween who just all look too similar! :? Im going to give it another day or 2 when hopefully Ill be able to spot more little nipples to help out :lol: When I read about sexing they didnt mention the squirm factor :lol:
And thanx Maze, the little ****** faces are my fave too :D
Look for the little dark spot on their bum. If they have one, they're a boy (at least, that's how I understand it.) I did all mine today :3. But mine are all coming up black, so if yours are lighter they might not have one.
Thanx Kage, I tried looking for the spot but unfortunately ours are too light and none have any :( The good news is Ive now managed to sex the majority of them (they now have nipples and their bits are less bitty!) We have 3 does, 2 bucks, and 2 Im unsure about. The 2 are a bit smaller and not as developed, so hopefully by tomorrow Ill be able to see with them too

Heres what we have :D Im so pleased with this litter

The bucks

The does. Yay-our megamoo is a girl!:)

And the not so sures!

Were still completey at a loss as to what to do rehoming wise. We have 2 on reserve, any gender...but I wana keep them all :oops: :lol: No doubt some will end up being available though, probably the last 2, whatever they are!
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I am sorry...I didn't mean to cause such a fuss...posting without thinking. :roll: I'm bad at that.
Going to repost what I think of the babies, though, because I really do love the unknowns. :lol:

Let us know when you've seen girly or boy bits! o=
I will do. Itll be tomorrow, Ive just had a banging headache today and theyre smaller than the others and impossibly squirmy. Whatever we get Ill be chuffed, theyre a gorgeous litter
We have a real problem this morning...

The babies are 11 days old now. This morning there was blood just outside the one of the babies is missing. Theres no sign of a body, I really think she was eaten. She was the smallest of the litter. I dont know if she died, or if its not too late for the mum to have thought shed get rid of the runt, but shes gone :( Im gutted. Im worried for the others now, I didnt think they were in danger of being eaten this late on...Is it more likely she just died, and they ate her after? Are the others likely in danger now?

it either had something wrong with it or the mother is not coping with a large litter and has reduced the amount herself .If she was to kill the entire litter at 11 days old I would suspect her to be ill and unable to rear them.It would be unusual ,I should try and resist handling the babies to frequently.I just want to comment on the sexing.I'm not sure what's meant by a black spot on the bum meaning it's male,thats a new one on me.If there is a gap between the anus and the stump it is male,the stump will also be larger,if the stump is small and flat with virtually no space between it and the anus it's female.They can be sexed at birth with a bit of practice and a magnifying glass will help if you are struggling.
Thanks for that. I have now sexed them all, we have 3 of each remaining. I know it can be done rom birth, I just havent had much practice on my own yet. Im sure about these now though. Mum looks healthy, active and seems to be coping, so I really hope she doesnt kill the litter, Id be completely gutted :( Well have to see though
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