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We have babies!

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This morning Marcelle, our broken choc and white doe, successfully gave birth to a wriggly squeaky heap of pups! I cant see how many there are and dont want to disturb her too much, as this is her first litter and ours, but so far all is looking well

Theres a bit of blood on the tissue, but hopefully thats just from birthing. I can certainly see a lot of movement

Ill keep you updated:) She was mated with a dove tan
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I am sorry...I didn't mean to cause such a fuss...posting without thinking. :roll: I'm bad at that.
Going to repost what I think of the babies, though, because I really do love the unknowns. :lol:

Let us know when you've seen girly or boy bits! o=
Aw, which one was it which is gone?
The latest our rats ever decided to de-runt a litter was 14 days...which was a bit upsetting, as it was very late and the runt was actually my favourite of the litter! :lol:
It's harder when you've had time t get used to them, but just remember that she's doing what she thinks is best and that you still have 6 lovely babies. ^_^

What sex are the unknowns, then? Bucks? (Trying to guess, since you said the one which is gone was slightly smaller and that's had to tell from the pics.)
Going off topic ever so slightly...I just have to say that I hate how UNnatural humans are, we're quite disgusting with how we raise babies, really. All other animals look after themselves, make sure they have the number of babies they can cope with, eat everything they should do for nutrients etc-placenta included-and then actually RAISE them to maturity. We do nothing...we just pop them out, feed them unnatural food, throw away valuable sources of energy and then complain about the kids...before having [email protected][email protected]
I dislike humans. >____>

Anyhoo...back on topic...that was my favourite pup! Oh wells...I suppose them being unknowns was a bit of a sign in itself.

You haven't taken new photos in a couple of days! :eek:
I'm not saying's good you're leaving them to chill for a while, what with the pup and all...I'm just saying, it's odd. :lol:
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