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We have babies!

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This morning Marcelle, our broken choc and white doe, successfully gave birth to a wriggly squeaky heap of pups! I cant see how many there are and dont want to disturb her too much, as this is her first litter and ours, but so far all is looking well

Theres a bit of blood on the tissue, but hopefully thats just from birthing. I can certainly see a lot of movement

Ill keep you updated:) She was mated with a dove tan
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Look for the little dark spot on their bum. If they have one, they're a boy (at least, that's how I understand it.) I did all mine today :3. But mine are all coming up black, so if yours are lighter they might not have one.
sarahc said:
it either had something wrong with it or the mother is not coping with a large litter and has reduced the amount herself .If she was to kill the entire litter at 11 days old I would suspect her to be ill and unable to rear them.It would be unusual ,I should try and resist handling the babies to frequently.I just want to comment on the sexing.I'm not sure what's meant by a black spot on the bum meaning it's male,thats a new one on me.If there is a gap between the anus and the stump it is male,the stump will also be larger,if the stump is small and flat with virtually no space between it and the anus it's female.They can be sexed at birth with a bit of practice and a magnifying glass will help if you are struggling.
Oh, the dark spot thing, to clarify. If the mouse has dark pigment, often the boys have a dark spot around their anus, and the girls don't. Or at least, mine do XD. But it could just be my freaky litter.

Sorry about your littlest :(. I still have twelve in my litter, and I have a horrible feeling the two smallest might go the same way... >>
1 - 2 of 61 Posts
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