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We have babies!

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This morning Marcelle, our broken choc and white doe, successfully gave birth to a wriggly squeaky heap of pups! I cant see how many there are and dont want to disturb her too much, as this is her first litter and ours, but so far all is looking well

Theres a bit of blood on the tissue, but hopefully thats just from birthing. I can certainly see a lot of movement

Ill keep you updated:) She was mated with a dove tan
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Welcome to mother hood :D

keep us updated on the babies growth :D
Hehe thank you! Its ever so exciting :D there are lots of little cheeps coming from in there!
yey that's very exciting I'm also coo-ing over my first meece litter, they get noisier by the day lol :lol:

will be really interesting to see what colours you get :)
Thanx, yep its going to be exciting finding out! I really hope theyre al going to pull through now. Her last baby was born a bit later than the others and was stillborn:( There look to be about 6 pups remaining and theyre quite loud. Really hope theyll be ok. The mum isnt eating that much, although shes munched on a mealworm. Is this normal?
Hehe thank you :D and thanx for your help

Its tougher on me than I thought it would be though. I cant stop fretting! All the noise has now died down in there, no cheepy sounds...I know theyre probably just busy nursing or snoozing...but Im just paranoid :(
The mini squeaks have now returned so they must have just been busy snuggling!:)
Shes nested ina really awkward position...we havent been able to see the babies or count them...all I can see is a lot of blood :( I can hear them and see them wriggling so I know there are survivors, but Im now worried there may be babies that didnt make it in there that need to be removed

Would it be best to take the risk and leave them, or take their cage apart for a moment so I can check the situation? Marcelle is a really tame mouse who trusts us, but I know were not supposed to intefere

If it means anything to anyone shes in a Rody cage and has nested in the green plastic compartment bit, which was unexpected

I'd leave her until tomorrow, then have a peek if you can do so safely. Sometimes blood is just there after the birth and doesn't mean anything sinister has occurred.
Thanx, thats what I figured wed do...I dont realy want to disturb them now
Hopefully its just from the birth...come on little pinks!
More mini squeaks this morning. I still cant see them to count and check, overprotective nanny is covering them and giving me a dirty look! :lol:
We have approx 8 healthy teenytiny pups! Had a very quick headcount while mum and nanny were having their supper so I may be mistaken...I just had to check, I was becoming so worried they had died in there as theres been very little noise today. Very very thankful theyre alive and well, all with milk bands. I really hope I havent put them in danger. I rubbed my hands in her corner first (nice!) Please tell me itll be ok :oops:
Just calm down, they will go quiet for a few days then they will get very vocal as mine are now :D

Pictures are a must :) :)
Hehe thanx guys...Im silly sometimes :lol: Well its day 3 today so yes, pics are on the way, and a proper headcount :D
Wow they are adorable :D The one looks like it had a nice breakfast with that little fat belly :p
Thank you :D hehe yeah, I noticed the little greedy guts

Here they are today at 4 days old. You can see theres one much darker with a pink patch. I wonder what well get
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awww so adorable, can't wait till they get fur :p
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