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Water bottles in Tanks

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I am currently having to use water bowls in my exo terra tanks and I'm struggling to hook water bottles onto the lids. Does anyone where I can get water bottles with suction on the back to attach them to the inside of the tanks?
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I use Velcro strips to stick water bottles inside tanks. You can buy it in a long strip and cut it down to size. Wilko etc sell it. ... Categories

this is what i use to hold my water bottle in a glass tank and it works wonders :p
its the 2nd item down lol
I use velcro, and for the tank where the Multi Mamates that chew the plastic water bottles, I use a bottle guard available from pet express it is metal and adjustable to hang over the edge of your tank
you can buy water bottle holders also some types of drill bit won't crack the plastic i will try and find that out for you!
I would say velcro would be nice, or one of the store bought water bottle holders for aquariams would be nice as well :D
Out of curiosity, are water bowls really bad to use?
i wouldn't say that bowls are bad to use there just awkward and constantly need the water changing sinse some mice decide that it's clever to get there shavings in them but no i wouldn't say there bad
I use velcro too attach water bottles , bowls are no good they get soiled .I have had no problems with velcro, and the bottle guard .Too have clean water bowls at the end of a day they must be very clean tidy mice :)
Water bowls arn't that bad, it's just not as sanitary as a water bottle. If you use water dishes i would just make sure your cleaning them out and refiling them very often. Bactira tends to grow a lot faster in a dish than a bottle.
Hope I helped :D
I saw on here about velcro, its a great idea, ive started to use it with good results! :)
just started using velcro and i'm loving it its so cheap and easy to use!
Mine are starting climbing and pulling the bottles off the velcro the little tinkers.The spiny mice have pulled the bottle off the velcro and chewed all the velcro to pieces lol
I only use velco with my african pygmy mice, others will get the bottle off and chew it! But it is really handy, cheap and easy to use.
Yes My Spiny mice have pulled the bottle off and chewed a hole in it letting all the water out lol glass now.
What about a really strong magnet to hold it in place? Or a bird food holder? I use bird feeders in some of my cages with a hole cut in the side for the spout. The mice love climbing it and can't get in to the bottle. Will need to take a picture.
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