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Wanting info and experience with shipping mice to Canada!

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Im wanting texels and black and tans! Canada doesnt seem to have very many breeders! i just want them as pets... if i can convince the hubby i may start breeding as their seems to be demand for fancy mice here!

Anyone who is willing to ship or has experience doing this can you please let me know how to get started! Thanx again!!
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Ask Jenny (WNTMousery on here) or Jack (Jack's mousery, I think just 'jack' on here). I know they have experience with shipping internationally. :)
I think they onlyi have experience with Europe, not with Canada....I'm not aware of anyone offhand who has shipped to/from canada...
Well, they'd be able to explain expenses better than I, or most other people could. :p

I think SOMEONE on Mouse Fancier might have shipped to, or from Canada once or twice. Couldn't tell you who though, I just know there's a guy on there that has mice in Canada, and I -think- they've shipped one way or the other.

Basically Jburgess, it's expensive. Probably more expensive than you're looking at.
I have shipped to USA, not to Canada. Jacks Reds & Argente Creames & Extreme Blacks are from extreme inbreeding my lines.
But was is the question?

You wrote: "Anyone who is willing to ship or has experience doing this can you please let me know how to get started!"

Answer: I am willing to ship. How to get started? Start by contacting your Agricultural Department and the Customs Office at you local international airport. Ask them about papers needed to import rodents from Europe.

Best regards, Roland
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Roland is right, that's a good lace to start.

Think about the costs first, too. It will be in the thousands.
If your only looking for pet mice you could try your local animal shelter? I have an acquaintance in Canada (through the gerbil world) and she always tells me that her rescue centre and pet stores always have mice in. Depends on what your looking for though if you are looking for specific colourings and types. Breeding mice should always come from breeders rather than pet stores/rescues. Rescues will have a policy anyway that their mice cannot be bred from. Which is common sense really.
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