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WANTED: Various show-type does, East Yorkshire/Kent

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I'm currently on a waiting list to get one or two black tan does from a member here and have decided I want to put a little colony together :) My current mice (not including the ones I've sold and are being collected in a couple of days) are a small group of 3 females and a lone buck. All are pet type which is fine - I love them the way they are - but now I've got the room for more I'd love to get some show-types. I have no intention on showing or breeding from the mice so they don't have to be show quality (I'm hardly going to notice little faults!) but I do want show type for the size and general body proportions/condition etc. I'd like up to 5 does, as I said I'm already waiting on one or two so I'm looking for up to 4 depending on what's available.

Ideally I'd like does from the following varieties; black/extreme black self, blue self, red self, chocolate self, agouti/silver agouti, chinchilla, himalayan, either siamese, blue fox, would possibly consider other varieties but I would hope I've listed enough that I could find some of those ;) Those underlined are top of my list! :) I'm not fussed about coat types and will accept any but I LOVE the look of satins and texels, so any of the above varieties with satin or texel coats would be very well received :D I'd prefer young does so that the whole colony will be around the same age and am looking to collect towards the end of April/beginning of May time, depending on where I am collecting from. I live in Beverley, East Yorkshire, but on 15th April I travel down to Medway in Kent so could collect on the way down. I come back up again on 2nd May and could collect then too.
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theres only one person breeding for blue fox and she lives way down south and doesn't drive,no one is breeding silver agoutis at the moment.The rest are possible but you would probably have to collect from a show.Sowood is probably your closest and the next one is may 14th,_West_Yorkshire
Thanks for the info :) I've no idea who'd breeding what so just threw up a list of those that appealed. As I said I'm travelling down to Kent soon so could collect mice from the south - who is it that's breeding the blue foxes?

Unfortunately the only transport I'd have to get to shows would be train, and Sowood is WAY out of the way of a train station so that show is out of the window for me :( I'm not too fussed about how far I have to travel around the country as long as where I collect from is within easy reach of a train station - are there any other shows soon? Or to save you having to regurgitate a load of information for me is there somewhere I could find a calendar of show dates etc? I've looked before but ones I've seen are mostly empty or incomplete.
Oldetyme in Leeds might be able to help you.He doesn't show but does have some of the curly mice plus a few that have been bred at some point to exhibition mice so have the larger ears etc and I think he will courier


Manchester show is on the 2nd of April.Thats the only one I can think of that's central enough for a train station.
Yeah I've seen Oldtyme about, might give him a buzz :)

The Manchester show sounds like a good idea too, I'll have a look into it.

Thanks so much for all the info, it's very much appreciated :D
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