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WANTED - Two Doe's - Oxfordshire

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If anyone has any does for sale right now near Oxfordshire could you please let me know? I have a doe on her own at the moment and I don't want her to be alone for much longer. Obviously I would prefer some well bred mice but if no one has any I will have to go the pet shop route as my doe is very stressed on her own.
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Grrr. Phoned up two garden centres earlier this week and both said they would have female mice in by today. Neither have them! My poor little girl is so lonely =(
I don't know of any breeders specifically in your area (that's not to say there are none). How far are you willing to travel? If you're willing to get to Worcester area there is a much bigger chance of acquiring as there are some breeders around there and an upcoming show in the area :)
Well on the off chance I found some mice in a petshop. They were only in the pet shop for 10 minutes because they had literally just been delivered. Unfortunately one of them quite obviously had a skin problem. Probably mites. I pointed this out and they put it aside. I picked out a chocolate tan doe and an either recessive yellow or argente doe. They are very cute but obviously had mites. I've treated them. They are so small. They are between 3 to 4 weeks which is soo young :( I feel very sorry for them. They must be terrified. I am really hoping for no other issues! They are in quarantine now. The chocolate tan is exploring the cage and the other one is hiding in the nest. Anyway point is I don't need any others now so this topic can be deleted or altered or whatever! Thanks!
I have 2 black self does in stoke on trent they are 7 weeks old if that helps
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