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Wanted - Two Does, 1 Buck - Leicestershire

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I'm not picking up breeding again. But I am looking for show type fancies, because I cannot get enough of those ears. So please, I'm sorry if I picked the wrong forum. :)

First of all I'm looking for two does to join my existing group of three. They shall be joining two young doves and an older satin BEC, so I'm looking for different colours so I can tell them apart :D. They are destined to be spoilt pets only, I will not be breeding from them as I have sworn off babies until after uni. :(. They have a nice big cage, lots of toys and a home mix diet.

Secondly, I'm looking for a buck. My first ever buck, one of Cait's sable satins, passed away at the begining of the summer. He was a massive favourite of mine and I miss him sorely. I'm looking for a tame little guy with a real personality. He really will be spoilt with a big cage all to himself. I always got told off because Belial, the sable, ended up like a cricket ball. :roll:

Anyway, I'm not overly fussed about colour as they will be pets and I like all of them. I'd like to be able to tell my does apart though, please :D, although it isn't a necessity since I will learn eventually. :lol:. I'll be back in Leicester at the end of September, I can't really pick up until then because we'll be moving and such. Just want to know what's about :).

Thanks ~
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might be able to help you out, with a blue or choc buck if thats any use
Blue? Blue o.o. For a one of your blue bucks, I would do something crazy that I can't think of right now. They are so lovely. I can wait if you think you might have any spare.
I should have a buck spare yes. will be about 6 weeks tho.

i'll let you know in a couple of weeks
Six weeks is just fine :). Gives me time to set up his bachelor pad. How far away by train do you reckon you are?
not sure, but there may be an option of a friend of mine bringing the mouse to leicester for a small fee.
That would be awesome o.o. Would probably have to be in town because there is no parking here.
i'm sure we will be able to sort something out.
Alright. Thanks :D. Let me know then ~
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