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I would quite like a trio of brokens in either black or dove to start a side line project I'm going to attempt.

They need to be show types - big ears, decent size, good tail set etc; everything you would need for showing (bar the marking) but they need to be undermarked for showing, rather than overmarked or bang on the mark. They can't be too old, but young is fine, as I can wait for them to age no problem. What I'm going to attempt will take plenty of patience anyway.

The next show I'm attending is Bingley on the 23rd of July (as far as I know, but this may change), which is most likely the only time I'll be able to pick up. Sadly I can't make Lubenham.

Anyone who could help, I'll be in your debt. I'll happily pay up to £5 per mouse if they're what I'm looking for.

Thank you.

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i have broken's that will be ready then.. undermarked too :) i'm hardly on here atm but you can message me on facebook hon. Kim xx
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