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WANTED -Stateside/Indiana, female mice

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I'm in the northwest corner of Indiana, about 30-45 minutes from Chicago, IL. I have two adorable mice, and would like to add to my family - preferably two or three females.

I would prefer reds, yellows, or cinnamon, no real preference for coat type, but I'm open to most mice. I can't travel much farther then an hour out from where I'm at, so if you know of a breeder or mouse shelter in my area, that would be swell!

I am not worried about breed-ability, due to the fact they would be pets only.
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UPDATE: I have two new babies that I ended up picking up from a pet shop, but I am still looking for a breeder for when it comes time to expand my family again (which, hopefully, won't be for a long time yet).

I'm able to travel about 50 miles and/or 1 hour in any direction, except maybe straight north - that would lead me straight into Lake Michigan. :lol:
Hello! If you haven't found any yet, I am based in Milwaukee but I'm worming my way into the Chicago community as well! If you'd ever be willing to meet there or somewhere close, I would be happy to do that in the future! I'll also travel farther than that if I'm compensated for gas money :) Thanks!
Also if you are still looking I am in Illinois. maybe 45 min away from Chicago. I could meet you half way or something :) if you are interested my email is [email protected]
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