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Wanted - show quality mice.

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Hi there i am looking to go into showing mice. and was looking for some good quality mice to start me off. I am especially looking for some:-

rumpwhites - chocolate or black - 2 does and a buck ( cannot find any anywhere, for love nor money)
chocolate / black and tan mice - 2 does and a buck
Tricolour mice - 2does and a buck
Texel mice - any colours - 2 does and a buck.

I am also open to other varietys, also just some general advice wanted on showing ect.

Any help / tips greatly appreciated

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Cait McKeown (Mousebreeder on here) breeds chocolate rumpwhites, you'd have to collect them from Leicester though.

Lot of folks breed chocolate and black tan, you shouldn't have any trouble finding them. Are you an NMC member? If not join and read through the yearbook as this has breeders' adverts in. These are good beginners' varieties as excellent stock can be easily found.

Tricolours are currently very, very new (the first ones arrived in England last month) and in the hands of a very few breeders - but I expect within the next couple of years they will become very widely available.

Texel is a longhaired astrex, these are rare - but I think Megzilla on here might have some, and if not she definitely has astrex. I don't think longhaired astrex is showable but astrex is. If you want to win this isn't a recommended variety however. If you're not bothered about not winning, then go for it - but be warned, not being bothered about winning won't last long! :D

The closest show to Wales is next month on the 20th of March in South Gloucestershire (BS35 2QX). You'd be very welcome to pop along for a chat!

ETA: The best advice I can give for someone starting out is to choose just one variety and stick with it for at least the first year, then think about a second variety.

Sarah xxx
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I'd echo what Sarah has said, Black Tan or Chocolate Tan are good varieties to get you on your way.

It would be well worth the trip to an NMC show to speak with breeders of these varieties.

ow thankyou so much that really helps. yes that would be great. just want to do it for the fun of it and winning anything would be a bonus lol ( if it ever happens lol)

I am looking in to joining the NMC. shall do it very soon.

Thanks for the info
does anyone know where i can get chocolate tan / dove tan or black tan from??
do they have mice for sale at the shows?? do you know???
Sometimes there's an auction but that's not often. You usually arrange to collect mice before hand.

Sarah xxx
join the NMC, you get a yearbook, in there are the breeders adverts. not many NMC breeders are on the internet.

arrange with the breeders to collect from a show.
ok thanks guys this info has really helped. what time does the show start on the 20th march??
ahh ok thankyou. also i cant get hold of the number for the secretary of the NMC to join? does anyone have a number at all??
got the number and a form is on its way to me in the post!!
chuffed :D
Fancy Mice Wales said:
got the number and a form is on its way to me in the post!!
chuffed :D
RESULT!!!! :) :)
If you join and can get to a show to collect I can give you a start with champagne tans.I won't charge you for them as long as you are a club member.I can give you brokens also but they are not a good first variety.It would be collect from a show only though,I haven't got time for home visits,plus I'm a long way from you.
ow yes please. that sounds great. we are going to the show on the 20th of march in gloucestershire?? if you are going??
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