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Hi all,
I started by mice breeding as a feeder breeder, but I am getting more and more interested in getting higher quality mice to breed. I am mostly interested in females, but will look at any that I can find around me. I don't have any color requirements. Even if you don't have any mice for sale, but raise them nearby, just to see some show quality mice and different colors in person would be really amazing.
I am in the California Bay Area, but I can easily travel down through the Central Valley. I can probably travel further South and up North, but not as easily. Although for some quality mice I would be willing to.

Thank you,

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There is a user on here called Jack Garcia, and I'm pretty darn sure he knows a breeder in California... I know because he told me to visit her the last time I visited LA.

Contact him, and tell him I told you to... don't worry, he's not as scary as he looks, besides, he likes me! LOL

W xx
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