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WANTED-Satin buck-Sussex/London

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Looking for a satin buck, preferably a cream or silver/grey shade like dove or one that is
a carrier. Not to fussed about age. Furthest I can get to is London and surrounding area.
Thank you. :)
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its a very small station, i'll meet you out the front, theres a couple of benches... you wont miss me, i'll be the one with a pet carrier... oh any you will have a carrier too so thats easy! (my car still isnt fixed so i'll be on foot and on time)

any other mice you want while we're at it?
i have some gorgeous black tan bucks too that are shaping up beautifully :cool:
No thank you :) I'm very happy with what I'm already getting plus I like having my Rolo as my only BT :) I'm not planning on breeding BTs.
cool cool, i'll see you tomorrow then, these boys are really gorgeous and i admit ive got rather attached. beautiful temprements so will make lovely calm babies if you breed from them, otherwise i reckon they'd keep on living together (their dad lived with other bucks)
Just to let you know I've got my mice so this can be closed now!

Just got back literally this minute and they are gorgeous!!!! And soo TINY!
Thank you so much Daisy! :D :D :love1
21 - 24 of 24 Posts
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