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WANTED: Pet Mice in Surrey / London Area - Retired Breeders?

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I'm finding it very difficult to source pet mice, I'm wondering if there is anyone on here that may have some available to buy?
I'd love some retired breeders of show quality who would appreciate a pet home, or babies if there are any surplus around?

Happy to travel and interested in standard fancies too.

Any info on potential candidates very much appreciated!


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how far are you willing to travel ??? (breeder of blue merle mice)
but am in the bh8 area
Hmmm that is a tad bit too far!

Have you got any photos to persuade me! Can't find many examples! Are they pet or show type?

they are bred as pets but, could easily be passed as show quality they are short smooth coated blue merles, where as the fawn colours tend to be more rugged coats like pets, and i cannot upload pics atm be cause forum has a size limit on the pics so trying to get a good quality photo at low size but will keep you posted
Do excuse my ignorance but from what I've read years ago it was my understanding that 'show type' tended to be bigger bodied with bigger ears than 'pet type'. So I'm not too concerned with them being show quality but more interested if these were the larger in size type! Or is that difference in size between pet and show type not that significant?

You could send photos to angryandy11 at if that's easier!?

Thanks :D
I would also be interested in photos, as others had told me there were no merles in the UK!!
i have worked out how to upload photos now u need a photobucket account so will grab you all some pictures soon
did you have it imported as we're not ment to habe the merle gene in uk.
Nope, no merle here. I think they are just mislabelled by mistake. If they really were merle I'd be getting them myself LOL
I don't care if they're Merle or not! Would still love to see photos :D
1 - 10 of 10 Posts
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