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wanted - northants : pair or trio of mice as pets

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We've had 3 mice now a rescued rew male who we rescued from being eaten by a snake and lived nearly 4yrs and a pair of red eyed lilac patterned mice unwanted pets ... we have now lost the girls sadly (one pts due to tumour the other from old age) and I cannot find any mice to rehome from reputable sources :-(

So ... we have experience of handling the boy from a baby (put in a snake tank as food so very tiny - just furry) and the two girls were 1yr and unhandled but we tamed them and none ever bit us :)

Lots of fun and variety, hand time etc ...

Claire x
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Where abouts are you (Northants is pretty big) and are you willing to travel to collect etc?
What are you after, does?
Hi, we are in nn4 about 2 miles south of northampton itself but I am prepared to drive to collect but preferably not too far - tho would prefer to drive and have something responsibly bred ... however as we arent showing I am happy to have 'less than perfect marked' ... I would prefer does as I have been told boys sometimes fall out.

Claire x
Why is it so hard to find mice :-(
1 - 5 of 5 Posts
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