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Wanted: Mice in St. Augustine, Florida area

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Hey guys, I was looking to find a little buck or two in Northern Central Florida/ St. Augustine Area to help fill the hole in my heart where my beloved dove tan buck, Despereaux was until he passed over the Rainbow Bridge on xmas day (he lived a long spoiled live... almost 4 years). If anyone has any and are around this area please let me know!
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Hey there! This is really AMAZING!!! I have never seen a "Wanted Add" that had a really close response. Guess what!!! I'm in St. Augustine and I have a lot available. :) I'm so happy. The youngest ones are 6 months, but my mice's life span is longer than most because of their diet (Really long story). PM me for details, I can give you me phone number and you can see if there is anyone that you want. Or you could stop by and pick a mousie out. Hope to hear from you!
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