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Wanted in Dorset (but willing to travel)

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I am a small hobbyist breeder, currently breeding broken coated and trying to establish a long haired line that I stumbled upon by accident! lol.

I am now looking some good quality selfs (any colour considered), satins, longhaired, abyssinian... basically anything that I can work with and establish a good quality line from. This is very much a learning curve for me and I do not proclaim to be an expert but I am learning everyday and our mice are extremely well cared for and handled regularly.

I am in Dorset but there seems to be a real dry spell for mice around here so am willing to travel within a reasonable distance.

I am open to questioning as I am aware of how important the homes that your mice go to are to you :)
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i have loads of babies for sale, i mainlyhave boys avalible at the mo but i will have some more girls ready in a couple of weeks. if you send me your e-mail i will send you a list of what i ave for sale at the mo
I recommend you look at The National Mouse Club Website, where you can learn of the World of Show Mice, Shows throughout the year not far from you. If you are a serious breeder and not a Pet type person, then all sorts of stock is available to you. P.M me and I will let you have full details of top exhibitors closest to you. Expert Advice on Breeding is readily available.
1 - 3 of 3 Posts
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