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Wanted: Group of 3-4 does near Bournemouth, UK

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As the title says, I'm looking for a group of does (3 or 4) near Bournemouth. I'm not particular about colour, but eyes do need to be black or very dark ruby. I'm a first time mouse owner, but I have experience with rats, hamsters, guinea pigs, ferrets, cats and dogs. Details about me and how I plan to keep the mice are available upon request.

Thanks for looking! :)
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hello chick.
theres a national Mouse Club show in swindon ( well thatcham - just east of swindon ) on the 23rd on April - you might be able to arrange to pick some up from there from a breeder?
Thanks for the info! I will definitely try to get myself there. Do I need to set something up with a breeder beforehand, or will there be breeders selling on the spot? Sorry, I'm new to mice and mouse shows, I have no idea about this stuff...
you need to set something up before. There are a few breeders on here that are going to that show.
yeah set something up with a breeder - theres a topic about the swindon show on the "upcoming shows" section of this site. See whos going and see if they are able to bring the stock you require. Im going - but i dont think ill have any spares for you unfortuntely. :(
Me and my other half are taking Shiprats mice!!! LOL x
Ive lots of spare PEW s and im off to the show
1 - 7 of 7 Posts
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