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Wanted: Female Mice in Metro Detroit, Michigan

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Hello, just this morning I've experienced an unexpected loss of one of my three pet mice. She was a runt and was store-bought but had some upper respiratory problems. I didn't expect her to go so soon. I have another mouse who was born with the same issue and has lived longer than all of my mice but since the little one was so tiny she just couldn't handle it. The illness is not contagious though as I have housed all three together, one of them being a newly obtained mouse from a breeder on this website and the new addition is still perfectly healthy after a month of being with the other sniffling mice.

With the loss of Cheerio, I'm now looking for a new buddy or two for Cheezie and Cheesecake. These girls are very sweet and when I introduced them to each other there was no dominance issues or fighting just pure acceptance. I ended up obtaining Cheesecake from a breeder in Ohio but I would like it if I could find someone a little closer to home this time.

I live in the Metro Detroit area in South-eastern Michigan, and am willing to meet you some place in between if you live farther away. I would like it if I can find specific breeds but I'd also love to see what's available as well. The two mice I currently have left are an Albino [Cheezie] and a ridiculously photogenic Himalayan [Cheesecake]

The breeds I'm currently interested in include Black Tans [black body, tan belly], Rex of any color variety [wavy/curly coat], any long haired variety, possibly Siamese, and/or any tri-color variety

I am looking to get two females this time so a mix of two of any breeds listed is fine, one of the breeds listed and one not listed on here is fine, even two mice that aren't listed up here, I'd be fine with.

I will take babies just ready to be given off to new homes, retired breeding does, does that just won't breed, I'm not picky on the age as long as they get along well with others and I'm sure my two sweeties will greet them with open arms. I would love to see pictures of the mice being offered and look forward to doing business, hopefully very very soon.

You may inbox me, comment here, contact me on my tumblr at, or my email at [email protected].
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