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Wanted: Fancy mice - Northern Kentucky, US

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I am looking to give a loving home to 2-3 female mice :) I have done all my research and would love to bring one home and avoid the pet store route if at all possible.
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Hi there, I am in St. Louis. I am just getting started but it would be nice to stay in touch and maybe we can trade in the future. Mine all started from pet store but at least they are healthy!
Hello :) In the grand scheme of things I'm not to terribly far from you. St. Louis is closer I think but that just means you should both put your funds together and come visit me and the mice sometime. :cool:
where in Ohio are you? I've been to Ohio 2 times in the last year and that was a lot! VBG Dayton is an 6-7 hour drive for me.
I'm in Columbiana which is about 20 minutes South of Youngstown near the PA line. I meant that St. Louis is probably closer to Northern Kentucky then I am but I'm not really sure. I'm a show breeder but I do also have friendly pet lines too and a mix of coat varieties.
Well the way I see it you have to start somewhere and as quickly as they breed it is much easier to make headway than it is with dogs. In the hamsters I breed I moved along very quickly with some of my lines and got better quickly and others color varieties I am still not good in. But it's all dependant on how good you have to add in or start with that will make them better. I have to admit that right this minute I am concentrating on getting down just keeping and breeding them and trying to make the chocies on some colors till I know what I am carrying in what I have. Then I can work on getting better type. PLus finding a place to get good type that is reasonable is hard I am finding. Do you know anyone near this area? I'm just starting to get used to the tail! Tails freaked me out before but now that I have them I am really liking them now that they are getting tame and not wanting to jump out of my hand.

I'd appreciate any help you can give me on what colors I have and help me to predict what colors I am going to get out of a breeding. That would help tremendously. Plus I need to read over the show standards. What I thought were big ears in what I was finding look tiny compared to what I see here! OMG!! Can I email you off list with some pics?

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I'd be happy to help any way I can, I started with pet mice also and I completely understand how that goes. I ended up joining the ECMA (East Coast Mouse Association) in order to find show type mice and get help from reputable breeders. I did end up driving 10 hours away to get my current stock of show mice in the end. Learning genetics is fun and can be challenging at the same time. Here is the best website to get started with...I still use it daily... Also there are forums that are more US based such as (more breeder friendly) and (more pet friendly) and you might find a local breeder there. At the moment I'm not familiar with any show breeders in your area. Jack's Mousery used to be in Kentucky and then he was in St. Louis but now I think he's in Tennessee. He keeps his numbers low at the moment and I'm not sure what his breeding status is.
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That is great info. Thanks so much. That was going to be one of my questions regarding another list that is US based but wasn't sure there would be one. Do you have a website with your email address on it?
You can email me directly from my website contact page but I'll PM it to you also. I wanted to post my website URL for anyone else following this thread...we may have hijacked this one (sorry). I'm listed in the breeder sections of this forum with a back link so I think it's ok to post the address here for you too.
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