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Wanted - Does - London Champs

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Anyone got any good sized big eared brokens going spare ?
Be tempted by any good sized patterned females really.

Or Tan as in Black tan / Blue Tan
BLACK, Ginger (?)

Excuse my ignorance on 'Ginger'
I'm meaning basically 'Orange in your face type Ginger' if that helps.

Basically on the look out for some good size and big ears to work into my lot.
To meet / collect Sat at London Champs ?

Manda :)
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Found 2 Cham girls (Thanks WD!)

Setting off today and overnighting before show
But still love a Tan / Orange / Agouti / any colour patterned doe
After good size and ears !

if anyone can spare me one *points*
WillowDragon has my number just incase.
(optimistic huh ? :lol: )
1 - 2 of 2 Posts
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