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hi i have a male called jerry hes my first mouse and i love him so i wanted to get some more mice i dont want them to be by there selves so i want about two to three does as long as the price was low or free dont worry i wont breed them as jerry is lil from the person i got him from and im trying to make him feel better...
so if u live in england dover kent and have some does u dont want and are heathy ill have them if they came with a cage thats even better i also teach mice to do tricks ^^
so just post back and pics help alot as well!
ive now lost jerry hes in my garden now... the breeder was a bad one... so now im looking for three does!
or even if u are not selling mice if u know breeders that are not on this site and are in one of the places above Dover,margate,folkstone,deal i really am looking... but not finding them anywere is it like rare to find mice in pet shops it is to me
1 - 2 of 2 Posts
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