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Wanted Doe in Leicester

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Hi i'm looking for a breeder who can deliver a single doe to the Leicester area as i'm finding it very hard to find transportation.
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where abouts in Leicester are you :?:
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SarahC said:
where abouts in Leicester are you :?:
I'm in aylestone it's really near the city center.
I thought you might be in an area that I pass while working but you aren't.Sorry.There was a pet shop on the main road in to Preston that sold mice.Don't know if it still does.You could google and give them a call.
Fair enough, thanks for checking though. I will give them a call and see what I can get :)
Granary Pets on Churchgate in Leicester sometimes sell mice.
I checked there and no luck, not a single mouse. :(
I'm also looking for mice in Leicester. I've tried all the large and/or central pet shops as far as I'm aware, and quite a few further afield. So far, no luck. I've joined this forum to see if I can find a local breeder who would be prepared to sell (most likely) a pair of females to be kept as pets.
can you not travel by train ... Im sure there are some breeders near by that will meet you at the train station
1 - 9 of 9 Posts
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