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Wanted - Black Fox Buck - California, USA

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I've been looking for a black fox buck for months but no luck so far. I'd prefer a younger buck. I'd also be interested in a chocolate or almost any dark colored fox buck, or even a black/tan buck. I live in California, thanks.
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I have a black fox ... not sure if it's male or female though. Either way, I'm keeping it, though.

But I will be breeding it, and it's parents (again), in hopes of creating more black foxes. If I can get more, and you haven't found one, I can try to get one to you ... somehow. ):
I'd apreciate that. Are you in state or out of it?
I'm on the other side of the country. But who knows. :p
I just had a lucky find and got a fox from the store. he's not a great fox, though, so I'm still interested in a black/tan buck, if he's really nice.
If the mouse your looking for is black with a light belly then I have plenty less then a month old.
I live in long beach california. I have a variety of colors but mainly black and beige or spotted babies.
1 - 8 of 8 Posts
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