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Various Blackthorn Mice

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Took a load more pictures while cleaning out today... and got the mouse bite from hell :lol: My finger poured with blood and is now very swollen and sore :cry: Don't ever get in the way of a frustrated Himalayan buck when his wife has a headache! :lol:

I've got two new candidates for best marked amongst my 20+ young black Dutch. They are three weeks old and completely mental, so I'll take some pictures when they've settled down some in a week or so :D

All of my young Dutch and their dams:

The young Dutch families all moved into the big running-on cages today to join the teenage ladies:

This doe was Best Marked at Sowood and BOA Marked at Lubenham. Both of her biggest faults are on this side; the cheek patch drag under her ear and the black foot. The other side is pretty much perfect! :lol:

Himalayans (the first picture is of the buck which bit me):

Abyssinian litter having their dinner:

My swollen finger and all the blood :shock:

And just because she's such a beautiful (if temperamental) princess, Anna the Guinea Pig:

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tinyhartmouseries said:
Wonderful mice and pics sarah! One of your blood spots looks like a mouse... :lol:
I see it!!! Bahhaha!
1 - 1 of 12 Posts
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